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How to Installation Mikrotik by Qemu ( cara instal mikrotik dengan qemu )

The Purpose   To know the steps to make qemu disk image in GNS3  To find out how to use qemu in GNS3 To find out how to install MikroTik via qemu The basic concept          It has been many are installing the MikroTik use qemu in GNS3. Because, GNS3 is easier to use and can create in order to better understand the network topology. In GNS3, there is a software called QEMU. So far, we make use of Virtual Box Virtualization, VMWare, etc. Qemu can for virtualization but is usually used in MikroTik qemu, Juniper, etc. To create a disk image MikroTik, use the command CMD. After creating a disk image MikroTik, then install MikroTik use qemu. To install MikroTik also use the cmd command. After that, the image Mikrotik must be deployed to GNS3 and to run it using GNS3. Configuration Here are the steps to make qemu MikroTik in GNS3. Before opening cmd, copy ISO MikroTik prior to installation GNS3 location and go to the folder qemu version 2.1.0. Run

LAB 6 Install ulang dengan Netinstall

   LAB 6 Install ulang dengan Netinstall what is that Netinstall? we will learn about that today Tujuan Pembelajaran: Pertama untuk mengetahui pengertian dari netinstall Untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara konfigurasi netinstall pada RouterBoard The Purpose: The first is to know what is the meaning of netinstall To know how to configure netinstall on RouterBoard Konsep Dasar:      Netinstall merupakan program yang berjalan pada komputer windows yang memungkinkan anda untuk menginstall MikroTik RouterOS ke pc atau RouterBoard melalui jaringan ethernet. Netinstall juga digunakan untuk menginstall ulang RouterOS dalam kasus dimana instalasi sebelumnya gagal,menjadi rusak atau password akses hilang Basic Concepts Netinstall is a program that runs on a Windows computer that allows you to install the MikroTik RouterOS to PC or RouterBoard via Ethernet network . Netinstall also be used to re-install RouterOS in cases where the

Introduction Mikrotik ( pengenalan mikrotik )

LAB 1 Introduction Mikrotik We will Introduce What the meaning of Mikrotik ??? The Purpose of this learning To introduce what is the meaning of MikroTik To know what is the history of MikroTik To know the features that exist in MikroTik To know type or model of RouterBoard Introduction with Mikrotik, What is the mikrotik?           MikroTik it self is an operating system for the needs of the router that is installed on the computer so that the computer can control or regulate the course of the data on the network. There are several operating systems owned utility as a router, one of the popular operating system router and has the advantage of user convenience is MikroTik RouterOS. And it is device of mikrotik History of Mikrotik:              In 1996 John and Arnis start with Linux and MS DOS system combined with the technology of Wireless LAN (W-LAN) AERONET speed of 2Mbps in Moldova. Only then serve five customers in Latvia, because

LAB 5 Upgrade dan Downgrade Mikrotik RouterBoard

   LAB 5 Upgrade dan Downgrade Mikrotik RouterBoard   The Purpose for lab 5 is To get more information how to upgrade mikrotik version on RouterBoard and then To know how to  downgrade mikrotik version on RouterBoard Tujuan Pembelajaran: untuk memperdalam bagaimana  cara upgrade versi mikrotik pada RouterBoard Dan menetahui bagaimana cara downgrade mikrotik pada RouterBoard  Basic Concepts   Upgrade is an activity undertaken to update / level up or updating features that are in the application so as to benefit more typically reduce bugs in applications / software versions earlier. Downgrade is to lower the level of the previous application. Downgrade done when there is a bug or discrepancies in the current proxy. For example there are certain features that are not running as expected. Konsep Dasar Upgrade adalah suatu aktifitas yang dilakukan untuk memperbarui/menaikan level ataupun memeperbarui fitur yang berada pada aplikasi sehingga mendapa

LAB 4 Enable, Disable dan Uninstall mikrotik RouterBoard

    LAB 4 Enable, Disable dan Uninstall mikrotik RouterBoard   The Purpose of this learning To know how to Enable on RouterBoard To know  how to Disable on RouterBoard and to know how to Uninstall on RouterBoard Tujuan Pembelajaran:  Untuk mengetahui cara Enable pada RouterBoard Untuk mengetahui cara Disable pada RouterBoard dan untuk engetahui cara Uninstall pada RouterBoard Basic Concept   Enable is the command to connect internal and external devices in the configuration settings Disable is the command to disconnect internal and external devices in the configuration settings Uninstall is a command to delete an application, packages and programs that have been installed on a computer Konsep Dasar: Enable adalah perintah untuk menghubungkan perangkat internal maupun eksternal dalam konfigurasi setting Disable adalah perintah untuk tidak menghubungkan perangkat internal maupun eksternal dalam konfigurasi setting Uninstall adalah perintah u

LAB 3 Remote Mikrotik RouterBoard

    LAB 3 Remote Mikrotik RouterBoard The purpose of the learning for more know how to remote mikrotic routerboard \ to know how to add and change the ip address via CLI or via GUI Tujuan Pembelajaran: Untuk mengetahui berbagai cara meremote RouterBoard Mikrotik Untuk mengetahui cara menambahkan dan mengubah IP via CLI maupun via GUI General concept   Remote Controller or called commonly  Remote control is an electronic device used to operate a machine remotely . The term remote control is also often shortened to remote only. In general , long-distance used to give commands from a distance to televisions or other electronic items such as streo system and DVD player . Remote control for these devices are usually small wireless handheld objects with a series of buttons for adjusting various settings such as television channel , track number and volume. Konsep Dasar:           Remote Controller atau yang bi